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How To: Extract Highlighted Text from a PDF File

Some people enjoy reading on paper not only because they can make annotations and highlight text easily, but also because they actually like their handwriting. If you are not one of those, then the following guide may help you. I will show how to extract all the highlighted text and the annotations from a PDF using Acrobat Professional. I did an extensive research (i.e. I tried many different keywords in Google!) before understanding how to extract the annotations from a PDF file. I did not find too many useful articles on the internet. It turned to be an easier process than what most of the site I visited described, so I hope that Google ranks this page well!

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Copy and Paste 2-Column Text from a PDF to MS Word

When you copy a paragraph from a PDF file organized in two columns, similar to (1), and paste it into MS Word, you get something similar to (2).

How can you get a normal paragraph without those ugly line breaks and get something similar to what is shown in (3)?

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