The pictures that you see on the top of my website are mine. That is, they are either a picture of myself or a picture taken by me. Here you can find some details about each one.

chelseamarketChelsea Market, NYC

duomomilanDuomo Milan Interior

cayantowerCayan Tower, Dubai.

budapestBudapest, Hungary.

sandiegoSan Diego, CA.

museodeloro1Museo del Oro, Bogota, Colombia.

museodeloro2Museo del Oro, Bogota, Colombia.

pmiPalma de Mallorca, Spain.

berlin_bwbuildingBerlin, Germany.

LeedsBuildingSunriseLeeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

MoaiSunsetHanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile.

PrairieDog2Prairie Dog, Boulder, CO.

PrairieDogPrairie Dog, Boulder, CO.

SquirrelSquirrel from Colorado!

DCIM101GOPROSunrise over Chile.

CaletaRapaNuiHanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile.

AhuTahaiAhu Tahai, Easter Island, Chile.

DeerDeer in Flagstaff Road, Boulder, CO.

DeersFlagstaffLooking west from Flagstaff Road, Boulder, CO. Early in the morning in Spring.

cropped-mirado-salto-chico-e21.jpgThis is me sitting near to “El Salto Chico” in the Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. I am supposed to be looking at the “cuernos” (horns).

torres-headerblog-e2s.jpgNow, the horns are at my right side. I am also sitting next to “El Salto Chico”.

panorama-glaciar-pia-headerblog-e1s.jpgA panoramic picture of the glacier “Pia”, Chile. The front of the glacier is large, so I was not able to take a single shot of it (these are actually 7 pictures).

vic3b1a-15n-header-e1.jpgIn the right corner, an old pier located in Viña del Mar, Chile.

muelle-vergara-mal-tiempo-header-e1.jpgThe force of the waves after a rainy day in Viña del Mar, Chile.

valpo-sunset.jpgA view of some of Valparaiso’s hills.

sheraton-night-header.jpgIn the left corner, the hotel “Sheraton Miramar”, Viña del Mar, Chile.

foggy_sun_header.jpgThe fog covered part of the sunset as seen from Viña del Mar.

foggy_sunset_header-e1.jpgA chilean Navy’s boat sails through a foggy and cloudy sunset, Viña del Mar.

orange_clouds_header.jpgSome clouds right after the sun was gone, Viña del Mar.

sunset_clouds_header.jpgClouds covering the top and bottom of the sun, Viña del Mar.