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How To: Extract Highlighted Text from a PDF File

Some people enjoy reading on paper not only because they can make annotations and highlight text easily, but also because they actually like their handwriting. If you are not one of those, then the following guide may help you. I will show how to extract all the highlighted text and the annotations from a PDF using Acrobat Professional. I did an extensive research (i.e. I tried many different keywords in Google!) before understanding how to extract the annotations from a PDF file. I did not find too many useful articles on the internet. It turned to be an easier process than what most of the site I visited described, so I hope that Google ranks this page well!

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Send Starred Articles from Google Reader to Evernote

From time to time I discover interesting articles in Google Reader. I mark with a start those articles that I want to read later or store for future re-reading. Since I use Evernote to organize my notes, I was happy when I found that you can setup a simply process to send the starred items in Google Reader to your Evernote account. That is what IFTTT can do for you.

IFTTT lets you create “if X then Y” statements, in which X and Y are actions or events related to some internet services. In the case of my starred articles in Google Reader, I have the following recipe:

If “an item is starred in Google Reader” then “send it as a new note in Evernote”.

You can find a lot of recipes already created in IFTTT, so you may want to take a look at its website.

Python Script to Import Coordinates from Google Maps

I have been experimenting with custom maps (a.k.a. my places) in Google Maps to obtain geographic coordinates of certain locations. In a certain way, I am geocoding. According to Wikipedia, geocoding is the process of finding geographic coordinates associated to other forms of location data, such as street addresses or postal codes. I am not using a fully automated process but I managed to automate some parts of it.

What am I geocoding? I want to create a data set with the geographic coordinates of the main stock exchanges across the world. Why? Because I am interested in calculating the physical distance between stock exchanges. As you can see in the following map, I have already located most of the stock exchanges of America and Europe.

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