I am a doctoral student at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. My current research interests include corporate strategy, innovation, and employee-level outcomes. In my dissertation, I study the effect of technological acquisitions on inventor collaboration. I have also studied the internationalization of venture capital and private equity firms. My research has been published in the Journal of International Business Studies and the Journal of World Business. In my free time, I play and watch soccer. I also like to take pictures.

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Koelbel Building

One of my pics of the Leeds School of Business (Fall)

Flatirons, Boulder

Another of my pics of the Leeds School of Business (Winter)


Squirrel in Boulder

Among the places I have visited, I think the most remarkable are Cape Horn (Chile), Easter Island (Chile), and the Royal Observatory (Greenwich, UK). Below, a map with some of the places I have visited (just as a reminder to myself!):