Enhancing your Google Reader Experience

I am using Google Reader since I do not remember when. The new design implemented some time ago brought, I think, an inefficient use of the space. I believe that the new (and also current) top bar cover almost 20% of the page. For those who use Google Reader, this screen may look familiar:

The only thing that appeased my experience of reading in Google Reader was to use an external screen (I am using a wide-screen 15” laptop). That was until I found a GreaseMonkey script that modifies the layout of Google Reader. Below you can see how the top bar looks after using the GreaseMonkey script.

As you can see in the picture, the script reduces the size of Google Reader’s header. Once you install GreaseMonkey and the script, every time you visit your Google Reader page you will see the modified version. You can download the script from here. First, you need to install GreaseMonkey, a Firefox’s extension (add-on). GreaseMonkey allows you to modify how a page looks, and also how it functions. There are plenty of scripts already created for popular web services, so you can customize the websites you visit without knowing JavaScript, which is the language required to create GreaseMonkey’s scripts. I had some problems with GreaseMonkey because my Firefox is in Spanish. However, I contacted the developer and he quickly updated the extension.

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