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Send Starred Articles from Google Reader to Evernote

From time to time I discover interesting articles in Google Reader. I mark with a start those articles that I want to read later or store for future re-reading. Since I use Evernote to organize my notes, I was happy when I found that you can setup a simply process to send the starred items in Google Reader to your Evernote account. That is what IFTTT can do for you.

IFTTT lets you create “if X then Y” statements, in which X and Y are actions or events related to some internet services. In the case of my starred articles in Google Reader, I have the following recipe:

If “an item is starred in Google Reader” then “send it as a new note in Evernote”.

You can find a lot of recipes already created in IFTTT, so you may want to take a look at its website.

Who Goes to the Strategic Management Society’s Annual Meetings?

The Strategic Management Society (SMS) holds an Annual Meeting since the 80’s. The meeting is hosted in USA and in an international location (mostly in Europe) every other year. Since the SMS is the most important academic society focused on strategic management, I wanted to know who goes to the meetings (I had my chance at the Special Conference in Rio de Janeiro!). Thus, I collected the data that is publicly available at the SMS website in order to build some tables summarizing the data (No! I didn’t personally visit each session’s page. I built a python script similar to this one).

In the following table, I show the number of papers that have one or more authors from an USA’s university. I only show the data of paper sessions and not of panel sessions, that is, I exclude here panel session’s chairs and panelists. I selected the first 15 universities with the most number of papers. It is important to note that some papers are assigned to more than one university, since there are papers written by scholars from different universities. UT-Dallas ranking assigns a score of 1/n to the affiliation of each author, where n is the number of authors of the paper. I kept my count simple. I assigned a score of 1 to the affiliation of each author, but I did not count twice (or more) in those cases in which there are two (or more) authors from the same university.

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A Case of a Hostile Acquisition

The Duke Energy’s acquisition of Progress Energy may be an interesting case of a hostile acquisition. According to a BusinessWeek’s article, Progress Energy’s CEO was going to serve as the CEO of the merged company. And he did, but only for less than two hours. The article says:

At 4:30 p.m. the Duke board elected Johnson CEO. Then, after Johnson left to celebrate, the board took another vote and ousted him. He served as chief executive for two hours, give or take a few minutes. The Duke board awarded him an exit package of $45 million in deferred compensation, severance, and other benefits. To finish an eventful afternoon, the Duke board reinstalled Rogers in the top job.

I would tend to think that a merger and acquisition contract have clauses to preempt this kind of actions. However, it does not seem to be the case.

Python Script to Import Coordinates from Google Maps

I have been experimenting with custom maps (a.k.a. my places) in Google Maps to obtain geographic coordinates of certain locations. In a certain way, I am geocoding. According to Wikipedia, geocoding is the process of finding geographic coordinates associated to other forms of location data, such as street addresses or postal codes. I am not using a fully automated process but I managed to automate some parts of it.

What am I geocoding? I want to create a data set with the geographic coordinates of the main stock exchanges across the world. Why? Because I am interested in calculating the physical distance between stock exchanges. As you can see in the following map, I have already located most of the stock exchanges of America and Europe.

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The Beginning

From now on, I will post here what I used to store in any other place. Since I am currently working as a research assistant (and I will be probably doing this for some years), I plan to include links and resources that are relevant to the topics I study. I will also post things related to my research activities. For instance, I will eventually show how I extract comments from a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat or how to download data from a website using a python script. You can read about me here.

I hope that someone finds something useful!